In the calm and loving atmosphere of Temple of the Light you can relax and let go of your worries and cares.

- open your heart -

- breathe the light of love into yourself -

and allow yourself to absorb the transforming energies which are right for you at this point in time.

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Here you will experience energy work of the highest quality where only the most powerful energies, sounds and vibrations of the New Age are used.
Like many people you may not be able to see them, but you will feel the positive effect they have on your life in one or several ways. You may become aware of increased energy, recovery, rejuvenation, centredness, confidence and lightness, for example. These increase in number and strength when a treatment is repeated or several are combined.
The treatments target the underlying cause of the symptoms which you see or feel, thereby resolving whatever is keeping you from going with the flow of life.

Below is some of the energy work available to you. Just click a treatment to read its detailed description, but note that it is not necessary to choose a particular treatment before making an appointment.

  Healing energy (new: TARASS Healing Technique)

  Noah & Lumina Lightcosmetics

  Chakra clearing and charging

  Cleansing negative thoughts and emotions

  Kindling the light: activations and initiations




The location of Temple of the Light on a little hill in the quiet coutryside in Knockdrin, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland, is the ideal background in which to recover the energy to be strong on your chosen path, take the first step into a new direction, discover and develop your spirituality and your awareness of the divinity in yourself.

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Please note that Temple of the Light is in the process of moving to a new location. While this is taking place you can continue to book your treatments as distance treatments that you receive at home. Just use the information on the Contact page to make your booking or get in touch with any queries you may have.